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Domain Age Checker notifies you when your domain is hosted on a server and you know the creation or expiration date.

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 How to use Domain Age Checker?

Our Domain Age Checker is specially designed to check the age of domain names. Our tools are easy to use. You are welcome to use it! You can use this free tool to check the domain age.

1. You can enter your website URL in the text box or add multiple URLs.

2. Click "Verify Domain Age" to run the process.

Domain age verification report

It will take a few seconds to show you the results. Our collective domain age checker will show you the following attributes in the results:

1. Creation date

The registration date of the site is the creation date. The date is in the format of year, month and day. 2. Update date

The update date is the date the domain was renewed. Includes date and time.

2. Expiry date

The expiration date of a domain name is known as the expiration date. If the domain owner does not renew the domain name, it becomes available for purchase.

3. Age

 Age includes year, month and day.

4. Additional information

Additional information includes:

IP address

server name

History of the domain name

domain name registrar

Age are important for google ranking?

 Yes, the age of the domain plays an important role in Google ranking. Google checks the registration date of a domain and starts following it. How many links are made with other sites?

Things are getting easier every day and now users can use a backlink checker to check links to their site or to their competitors' sites. Gaining high authority is not an easy task in the online world. Every website must advance and prove its worth and suitability to Google or other search engines before it can be indexed and ranked.

For example, a new newspaper starts its business and sets up its website. You don't immediately get praise and appreciation. It takes time to start a business. Likewise, setting up a website for a business also takes time. accumulated credibility

Google and other search engines search the thousands of sites that appear on the Internet every day. Run a domain age check to track the age of the domain, as any new company takes time to gain customers and establish itself in the market. Likewise, websites take time to generate traffic and increase their credibility on the Internet.

Age of website

The age of the site does not reflect how long you own the domain name. You could have bought and "parked" a domain name ten years ago. This means that you have had a domain name for ten years but have just renewed your registration.  It will appear as soon as you start driving on the road. Likewise, only when a domain becomes active on the Internet is it noticed and indexed by Google and other. Checking domain authority reports the strength of your website. That is, a domain that was registered 10 years ago and has no website. It is treated as a new website that was registered and activated yesterday.

Who has a domain name?

Make sure the website is legitimate and has the appropriate property

 Now, building backlinks can be a tricky business. But the backlink generator helps to create links to legitimate websites which are useful for rankings. On the other hand, a link to a spam site can cause Google to penalize your website. Therefore, as a webmaster, you want to verify the ownership of a website. There are several free website age checking tools that you can use to find out the age and ownership details of a domain. provides a domain age checker that you can use and it will tell you the age of the domain. Calculate the age of a website indexed by Google and other.  Not from the date of purchase. Since there is no activity associated with the domain, it is not recorded as age.

Was the era of domain checkers useful?

Many teachers on the site discuss this issue. The answer is yes and no. Yes, it is useful to know the age of your domain name. Knowing your age will help you build your confidence. It also helps build trust on the site. It's like investing in a house. If it's an older home, you'll be curious to know when it was built. If it is a new home, the home will be inspected, its construction and its location.

It is similar to websites It may or may not control your age. The reason is that the old domain can route traffic to the new domain. There are several possible reasons for this. For example, the host server cannot provide any more processing space. Website owners do not want to go through the process of retrieving and restoring a new domain.