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Final Term Important Mcqs From Lec 01 to 45 (Past Papers included) Download PDF

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Final Term Important Subjective From Lec 23 to 45 (Past Papers included) Download PDF

Final Term Important Subjective From Lec 01 to 45 (Past Papers included) Download PDF


1 Lecture - Overview of Course 2 Lecture - Understanding Marketing and Marketing Process 3 Lecture - Customer Relationship Management 4 Lecture - Marketing in Historical Perspective and Evolution of Marketing 5 Lecture - Marketing Challenges in the 21st Century 6 Lecture - Strategic Planning and Marketing Process 7 Lecture - Portfolio Analysis 8 Lecture - Marketing Process 9 Lecture - Marketing Environment 10 Lecture - Marketing Macro Environment 11 Lecture - Analyzing Marketing Opportunities and Developing Strategies 12 Lecture - The Marketing Research Process 13 Lecture - The Marketing Research Process (Continued) 14 Lecture - Consumer Buying Behavior 15 Lecture - Consumer Buying Behavior (Continued) 16 Lecture - Business Markets and Buying Behavior 17 Lecture - Market Segmentation 18 Lecture - Market Segmentation (Continued) 19 Lecture - Marketing Mix 20 Lecture - Product 21 Lecture - New Product Development Process 22 Lecture - Product Life- Cycle Stages and Strategies 23 Lecture - Key Terms-Product: the 1 st P of Marketing Mix 24 Lecture - Price: the 2 nd P of Marketing Mix 25 Lecture - General Pricing Approaches 26 Lecture - Price-Adjustment Strategies 27 Lecture - Price Changes 28 Lecture - Place: the 3 rd P of Marketing Mix 29 Lecture - Logistic Management 30 Lecture - Retailing and Wholesaling 31 Lecture - Key Terms-Place the 3rd p of the Marketing Mix 32 Lecture - Promotion: the 4 th P of Marketing Mix 33 Lecture - Advertising 34 Lecture - Sales Promotion 35 Lecture - Personal Selling 36 Lecture - Sales Force Management 37 Lecture - Direct Marketing 38 Lecture - Public Relations 39 Lecture - Key Terms-4th P (Promotion) 40 Lecture - Creating Competitive Advantage 41 Lecture - Global Marketing 42 Lecture - E-Marketing 43 Lecture - Marketing and Society 44 Lecture - Marketing (Revision) 45 Lecture - Marketing (Revision)
MGT-301 is a course offered by Virtual University that focuses on the principles and practices of management. The course covers a wide range of topics related to management, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of management concepts and their applications in the business world. The MGT-301 book from Virtual University provides a detailed overview of the course content, with each chapter covering a specific topic related to management. The book is divided into several sections, each focusing on a different aspect of management. Some of the topics covered in the book include:
  • Introduction to Management: This section provides an overview of the principles of management and the various functions of management.
  • Planning and Strategic Management: This section covers the process of planning, including goal setting, environmental analysis, and strategy formulation.
  • Organizational Structure and Design: This section discusses the different types of organizational structures and designs, including traditional, matrix, and network structures.
  • Leadership and Motivation: This section covers the different leadership styles, motivation theories, and the role of leadership in organizational success.
  • Communication and Team Management: This section focuses on the importance of effective communication in the workplace and the strategies for managing teams.
  • Control and Decision Making: This section discusses the process of control and decision making in organizations, including the use of performance metrics and decision making models.
The MGT-301 book from Virtual University is a valuable resource for students pursuing a career in management. The book provides a comprehensive overview of management principles and practices and can be used as a reference guide for managers in the workplace. With its clear and concise writing style and numerous examples and case studies, the book is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their management skills and knowledge.