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Byte converter

A byte consists of eight bits, in other words, one bit equals 0.125 bytes, and the file size you know is a measure of how much material is in a file or document or how much space it takes up. The memory occupied by these files is written in units of measure also known as one byte. When you view a file or application that you have installed on your computer, they consume less space than necessary.

Where are  Mbs and Kbs used?

One Kb (kilobyte) is used to measure common digital information, which can be low quality text, audio, small picture, even if you can find low quality videos in this storage unit.

We usually calculate the file size to calculate how much space is needed to store these files. If they break, some files will not be copied. If you are familiar with storage devices, you may have noticed flash drives, etc. This is because part is reserved for system files for better performance and requires some space when allocating memory.

Sometimes, when saving files to an external drive with the same amount of memory as the files, they are not saved. This is because you do not see Kb or the bytes stored in it. What you see is only a decimal gigabyte entry similar to 1.2, but you don't know the original file size until you check the properties and convert bytes to Mb using our megabytes to gigabytes converter.

How to use byte converter

Using our byte-to-MB converter is easy, just follow the few quick steps below and you'll get the calculation in seconds.

When you open Bytes Converter, from the menu on the left side of Unit Converter, all you have to do is enter the amount you want to convert.

When you have finished typing or entering a quantity, all you have to do is select the storage unit from the left side of the menu you want to convert from and the right side where you want to change it. If you select your answer in the "To" field, as shown in the below.