Credit card validator

Our credit card validator checks whether a credit card number is valid or not.

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Enter your credit card number along with the name of the issuing bank.

Credit Card Number
Credit Card Name
Example credit card numbers
American Express 371449635398431
Diners Club 30569309025904
Discover 6011111111111117
JCB 3530111333300000
MasterCard 5555555555554444
Visa 4111111111111111
What is credit card validation?

The credit card validator is a utility that helps you verify your credit card numbers. This credit card validator does not require a complicated process to verify your credit card number. Moreover, no matter how many cards you enter for verification, this tool is free to use. The following steps will help you verify your credit card number with this simple utility. When you visit the page of this tool, there is a box where you can enter your desired credit card number for verification.

After entering the number, select the type of card and click on the "Confirm Card Number" button.

Within a second, the result will be displayed on the screen indicating whether the card number is valid or invalid.

How to using credit card validation?

The easiest way to check is a valid card using an online credit card checker. Check if the credit card is active by following the simple and straightforward steps below.

Credit card checker with the issuing bank

Enter your credit card number

Select the name of the bank

Then press the "Validate Card Number" button 

That's it! The results are displayed on the screen showing the status of your card (valid or invalid).

How do I verify my credit card number?

Our credit card validators are based on the algorithm, which validates various credit card numbers. A card number that passes the algorithm indicates that the number entered is from a valid card. The algorithm is validated by the formula on the back end of the credit card validator. If you choose manual calculation to determine the validity of your card number, it may take some time. But on the other hand, our credit card number verification completes the same job in a second, thanks to technological advances. You can understand how algorithm works by following the methods described below.

1. First, delete the last digit of your card number.

2. The next step is to return all the numbers.

3. Next, multiply all odd digits by 2.

4. Now subtract the number greater than 9 from 9.

5. Then add up all the digits.

6. Apply mod 10 to sum the digits.

7. If the answer is the same as the last digit of your card number, it is a real card number.

Tips about credit cards security

The following tips can help you save yourself in trouble if your credit card falls into the wrong hands.

Keep your account number and PIN confidential: To protect your account number, no one should see your card in public. Do not share your account number in phone calls, text messages or random social media. Don't write it down anywhere for pin security; instead, just remember. Keep your information up to date: If you have moved from one place to another or changed your contact number, you should notify your bank or card provider immediately so that your card does not fall into someone else's hands.

Assess lost card quickly: If you have lost your credit card, you should notify your card issuer immediately so that they can block your old card and issue a new card with unique details.

Are there risks to using online credit card validation? Using our online credit card validation is safe as we do not store any information provided by the user. Your credit card number remains secure. The only risk is that someone looks at your screen and copies your number while you check your credit card number.

How many digits is your credit card number?

If you have a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover payment network credit card, it's 16 digits. However, in the American Express payment network, credit cards have only 15 digits. However, there are some extra numbers on the front or back of the card to help you approve the transaction smoothly. Secure credit card verification-no hassle

Monitoring issues are always sensitive and become more important when handled by some online tools. The privacy of online institutions is the most important aspect in this regard. With this in mind, our developers designed this card validation, which is inaccessible to third parties. In addition, the data uploaded in this structure will not be shared or used for any possible reason. So you can use this credit checker without fear and check the validity of your credit card anytime, anywhere.