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Image resizing is very important to the overall look of your website. Not all photos we take are the exact size we want or the right size for a blog or website. The solution to this problem is to change the image size.
When you resize an image, it is resized in pixels. For example, the image size is reduced. Image Resizer removes all unnecessary pixel information. When you zoom in on a photo, the image resizer creates and adds new pixel information to achieve a larger size, usually resulting in a soft, blurry, or highly pixelated image.
This is why it is easier to reduce the size of an image than to enlarge it. If you need a photo for high quality or large format print, make sure it is taken at the highest resolution and quality to avoid problems zooming in.

Photo Reducer Dimensions - Scale Vs. resize image
Some users may confuse scaling with scaling, and we are here to tell you that they are two very different things. If you're looking for a more edgy look, we recommend increasing the size.

When working with pixel-based images, also known as raster images, it's important to understand that resizing a photo in a software program such as PowerPoint, Word, InDesign, or Dreamweaver is actually the size of the image. is. , It enhances it. Enlarge or resize the image. Resizing does not change the resolution to fit the new size. Instead, the pixels may be stretched and displayed pixelated.

Resizing the image to its original size can cause the image to become blurry or pixelated. Resizing images smaller than the original size doesn't affect or change the quality much, but can still have some side effects. For example, if you upload a large image to a website and resize it to a smaller size, the site still needs to upload the original version of that image and this can cause the webpage to load very slowly.

Why is it important to reduce the image size?
Resizing images is important because it reduces the pixel size while preserving image quality. People with a slow internet connection will have a hard time waiting for the photos on the website to open. When designing a website, this important element needs to be addressed in the long run. Therefore, developers and website owners choose to resize the image in kb for a smoother user experience. The problem of uploading large files is not limited to websites. It is also used by software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Images need to be resized before inserting them into a presentation. Imagine the size of a PowerPoint file after adding 10-20 large photos to your presentation.
If you don't resize JPG images with your DSLR camera, uploading them to various social media platforms can take a while. Also, some websites limit the size of photos that users can upload. Imagine your server is at full capacity when all images are uploading in their original format.