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What is in the key words?

Since the Internet has become a huge platform for exchanging information and selling products and services, the importance of search engines has grown. Google has alerted webmasters, and SEO to the importance of rankings. When you enter words into a search engine that you want information about, the search engine searches the rated pages and displays them in your browser. Google tells you that it scans more than X million pages in Y seconds and displays all the pages on the web.

So how does Google do it like any other search engine? When a search engine crawls the title, content, and description of a web page, it indicates whether keywords are used in the topic. Indexes this page and saves it. The index is the same as the index of the book with the title and the pages on which the title appears. Keywords are words and phrases used by search engines to index websites.

There are already millions of keywords in their search engines on their servers. Because the Internet is a hands-free platform, websites contain various information. Almost every topic that people know today is in one place on the Internet.  Search engines are smart and constantly update keywords.

Keywords are categorized and saved.

It's like entering a big department store and looking for men's clothes. There will be signs telling you which section or floor the men are wearing. When you return to this section, there are tags that lead you to shirts, pants, jeans, etc. The shirts have extra features that lead you to a formal and casual shirt. Search engine keywords are structured and stored.

When a visitor's search engine enters the search terms that appear in the browser; keywords are loaded and a quick search is performed on them. Pages with specific keywords will appear. For example, if you search for "donuts", it will return and display all the donut pages in the world. But if you search for "New York donuts", the search engine will return New York donuts.

Search engines are smart and know where a visitor is coming from on the internet. When a visitor enters a search criterion, search engines return pages that are sorted by the user's location.

Internet key tools

If you are looking for keyword tools in any search engine; will return some sites that offer this service. When you start a YouTube channel, keyword search returns what the site offers:

YouTube keyword list

YouTube video tag list

YouTube favorite lists

YouTube tags to get more views

Top YouTube Brands

YouTube description generator

It is now up to the YouTube channel creator to choose the tool or tools he wants to use.

Today, Google is the most well-known and well-known search engine in the world, and content authors and SEOs want to use keywords that Google will crawl and index. Google has its own keyword suggestion service called Add words. You also need a Google Account, use it. Just like there are other sites that invite you to search for keywords for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can use this site for entertainment; but most of them have a hook. If you use the site, you will be asked to register, enter an email address and create an account. If you do so, you'll be bombarded with emails asking you to sign up for a fee and pay for keywords that are relevant to your site. They are all marketing sites.

Use of the keyword design tool

To avoid these keywords, sites that sell their services provide keywords. To use this tool, type in the navigation bar of your browser. Click on it and enter the keyword and click. The application returns a list of keywords.

This tool is a great helper for SEO, webmasters, website owners and content authors, bloggers and contributors. The more keywords you use that are relevant to your content, the more likely they are to be placed in search engines.