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Our password checker automatically determines how secure your password is, depending on the characters, phrases, numbers, and symbols you use.

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Password strength check?

A password or passcode is a key that protects your online accounts and devices from outside unauthorized forces. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram claim to have a strong security system, but even so, accounts are often hacked just to use a weak password.

Due to the shift in the online world, users are still heavily forced to use password security such as 12345 or their names, but it is not as secure as you think.

Now is the time to transform and secure the walls of a small world that you create for yourself online. That, yes, the answer to that question is; because you need to test your password, especially if you want your accounts to be secure.

How to perform a password text on our password check

This password strength driver has a user-friendly interface to help you determine how strong my password is. The field below is updated as soon as you enter the secret code. To speed up this tool, follow the steps below.

Just enter the password in the appropriate field (click on the eye icon to see your password).

The line at the bottom of the box will continue to show your progress if it detects a weak password, then turn red.

Once the password strength tester turns green, you can set off.

Parameters to confirm your password

Data theft has become a common practice for fraudsters, hackers and fraudsters today. Therefore, it is an important task for people who have access to their personal and business data in the virtual sphere to protect them from hackers. Data hackers often try to gain access to people's confidential information, such as their credit card, account, etc.

As a result, your password needs to be secured. If you are looking for a tool that will let you know how secure my password is? Then you came to the right place. Our password checker is designed to check passwords. Below you will find the parameters we use to smoothly control the strength of the password.

Alphabets and Numbers

Passwords consisting of alphabets and numbers are considered strong. It's not easy to crack, and this is the first parameter for testing password strength. Our backend algorithm checks how secure your password is by analyzing alphabets and numbers.

Number of Characters

Our password strength meter recommends that the number of characters in the password exceed 12. The more characters, the more difficult it is. You can add as many characters as you want to make it complicated. Therefore, when creating a password, make sure that there is a long and hard space of slightly faster characters.

Space and Blanks

Gaps show the strength of passwords and make them more difficult for hackers. At the same time, some sites do not allow their users to use password space, such as Twitter and Hotmail. However, Gmail or other Google services allow users to add a password to make it more secure. Our password manager will also check if your password contains spaces or not.


Passwords must be secure and complex so that they cannot be cracked. It is also important to use symbols to create passwords. This way you can use all the symbols that you are likely to remember and that will be difficult to break. The password tester checks trustworthiness by analyzing whether or not it has symbols.

Uppercase and lowercase letters

Your password must be large and small to be complex. This will help you secure your confidential information and other virtual accounts from hackers. Our robust password manager will display your submitted records if they contain uppercase or lowercase letters, or if you are not able to easily change a sentence and increase password security.

Is it important to know how my password is safe?

Over the last two years, the world has witnessed hackers gain access to credit card information, flyer accounts and identity theft. How can this emerging threat be overcome? We achieve this by creating a strong password to secure our websites, blogs, social media accounts, email addresses, and more.

Now the next question is how do you ensure that your password has enough power to protect you from external threats? But our password controller will do it for you. Your strong password is the key to securing your online presence, no matter how strong and strong your walls are when the door lock can be easily opened.

That's why we've programmed our password strength tester to reassure the user about their password protection. He will check your password and if the strength is marked as "strong", the user will be happy to use it, as inventing new passwords can be frustrating at the end of the day. So it's important to know how secure my password is, which protects me from any unauthorized access.

Protect your password online

Protecting their online presence is a necessity for network users and they are very concerned about getting their personal and business information from any unauthorized access. Many people wonder how secure my password is, but don't worry,  one of the most amazing tools to protect your online presence. You can use the password tester to check the strength of the password that you have created. We identify some requirements that need to be considered to protect your online presence.

Always change your password

One of the most important tips we can tell you is to change your passwords every five months or at least once a year. Like your online bank accounts, social media accounts, or email addresses, all passwords are constantly changing to make it difficult for hackers to gain access.