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What is IP address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is an arithmetic tag for any device connected to the Internet for communication. Each device with an Internet connection has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address allows computers to find each other on a network. IP addresses are important for Internet activities.

IP addresses serve two main functions: location address and network or host interface identification. The IP address is listed in human-readable notations, such as 2001: db8: 0: 0123: 0: 666: 8: 1 in IPV6. Two styles of IP addresses are common in the Internet space. The original style of IPv4 was introduced by ARPANET (the forerunner of the Internet) in 1983. The second style is IPv6 technology, which is popular for commercial use. A user without IT knowledge may not know what IP is.

Private vs public IP address

There are two types of IP addresses, public and private.

Private IP addresses can be reused. This includes addresses starting with, 10.1.1 and 172.168.1. These addresses refer to the local or business network in your area. A public IP address is required to communicate with computers. Configure the IP in the Windows settings to get a private address. With this unique tool, it's easy to verify my IP address.

Understand the role of the IP address

The Domain Name Service (DNS) can hide many IP addresses. DNS translates simple URLs into IP addresses. This service requires DNS services that store a table for IP address names. Like DNS, this system requires a computer name and a number of packets to establish a connection. You will need to enter "\ [computer name]" in Internet Explorer and begin the discovery process. This method can be slow with a certain configuration. If you want to speed up this process, you need to know the IP address. Finding an IP address can be convenient with this tool.

What is my IP? How do i check my IP address?

An IP search  automatically show my IP. When you open this page, it will automatically display your IP address with the following information. After finding your IP address, the tool will process it and check for further details. A map will appear in the results.

Below the IP location map, you will find the following details.

With this information, it can be easy for you to save your computer from attackers and remotely control network devices. In addition, this tool is designed for your convenience. Use this IP search when creating an SEO plan. IP addresses are divided into two categories, such as dynamic IP addresses and static IP addresses. The static IP address remains constant, but the network administrator can change this address. These types of addresses become permanent Internet addresses and provide a reliable way to communicate.

On the other hand, a dynamic IP address is another category where the computer always gets a new address. After connecting to the Internet, your computer will receive a unique ID. Dynamic IP addresses are more secure than static IP addresses. With this IP search tool, there is no need to ask, "What is my IP?" When you open this free IP tool, you will automatically receive the required information.