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Weight converter

Evaluating things has become a part of our lives. If we exercise regularly, we evaluate ourselves to find out how much weight we have lost or gained. Every time we buy something on the market like drinks, food to buy etc. it is in grams or liters and did you know that a liter of water weighs about the same amount of a kilogram?

This pound to pound converter can be used to simplify your calculations. For example, if you converted a hundred pounds to kilograms, you would subtract one hundred from your answer by two and ten percent, bringing your answer closer to reality. The only problem is if you want to find solutions to decimal places because they are also important.

If you exercise every day, you burn a lot of calories and you can control your body weight with a weight, but in this case digital is preferred because it will let you know. . the exact amount of weight you lost.

The lb to kg converter is used for many purposes; You can also check the exact amount needed for the perfect recipes. If you are cooking something for ten people, you need to know how much mass is needed to make food for everyone.

Let's say you want to know the exact weight you carry in your luggage to meet the highest requirements. If the bags you carry should weigh at least one hundred pounds or equal to one hundred pounds, why would you try to count by hand when you can check how many kg the weight has changed in our calculator.


We all know that it is a unit of weight and IPK (International Prototype or Kilogram) weighs one kilogram and is very close to the weight or weight of one liter of water. Today, multiples of kg to lb, equivalent to one thousand kilograms, are used for small and large calculations such as grams and tons. Speaking of the difference between lbs and kg, the pound is widely used in the United States and many other countries, including the English Engineering Units and the British Gravity System. One kilo corresponds to 2,204 pounds, of which one pound corresponds to 0.4535 kg, but you can use our pound converter to convert large pounds to kg.


One carat corresponds to two hundred milligrams and is used to measure the weight of metals used in jewelry. In the past, people carried carob seeds, which are now the carat equivalent for buying various metals. They ensured that the transactions were perfectly accurate and that one gold coin previously corresponded to twenty-four carob grains.

Stones and ounces

These two are commonly used in the United States and the United Kingdom, where one stone equals approximately 6.35 kilograms or fourteen pounds, to be exact. We are used to handling ingredients in small quantities, especially when we talk about cooking. An ounce is the sixteenth part of a pound or about 28.35 grams.


It is also a mass unit that is used almost everywhere in the world. It is about sixty-four milligrams and is slightly more important than a quarter of a carat. In the early years, it was also used to count gems for carat acceptance. It is currently widely used in mapping gunpowder for bullets, ammunition and arrows. It is also used to determine the weight of gold foil that can be used in dentistry.