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What is GST?

Goods and services tax is a tax applied to most goods and services offered for domestic or commercial use. Buyers of these items pay GST, but governments usually collect them from business owners. Goods and services tax is a federal sales tax levied on the total value of a particular good or service.

Business owners usually add GST to the amount, and buyers who purchase these products pay the price including GST. Sales and sales tax in various countries are also referred to as value added tax (VAT).

GST calculator concept on example

A retailer, wholesaler or retailer can easily calculate the GST for items after estimating the gross profit on the items sold. The formula is:

GST Amount = Bid ​​Value x GST%

Let's look at an example to fully understand GST:

A box of soda bottles costs the manufacturer $ 100 and adds to 20% of the profits. 5% is GST, so what is the amount of GST charged on soda bottles?

After adding a 20% increase in costs, the price of soda bottles for GST will be $ 120. After including 5% GST, the final price the consumer must pay is $ 126.

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GST collection samples

All types of taxpayers use these formulas for GST calculations, such as business owners, retailers, agents and wholesalers, to add GST or subtract GST from the base amount.

Including GST

Amount GST = (original price * GST%) / 100

Net price = original price + GST ​​amount

In addition to GST

GST amount = original price - (original price * (100 / (100 + GST%)))

Net price = original price - GST amount.

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GST% assistance

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What are the various GST taxes?

As already mentioned, the GST imposes an indirect tax and levies on the consumption of certain goods and services. The GST is subject to the three main tax titles described below.


The CGST is a central goods and services tax that is subject to the 2016 Central Goods and Services Tax Act. Taxes levied under the CGST are central government revenue. Central tax, including central sales tax, central excise tax and service tax, is included in the CGST.


IGST stands for Integrated Goods and Services Tax and is subject to the 2016 Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act of 2016. IGST is divided by the government's decided relationship between central and state government. This tax is levied on goods and services transferred from one state to another. Import transactions are also charged to IGST.


The State Tax on Goods and Services is abbreviated SGST and falls under the Indian State Tax on Goods and Services Act 2016. The SGST taxes collected are state government revenue. Value tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax, etc .. According to SGST.