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Check the status of your favorite website. Just enter the URL in the below HTTP, HTTPS server status checker tool and test tool will perform a test on the URLs

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Enter the required text in given box and click “ Check server Status ” button below it.


About server status checker tool

Our HTTP server status canons testing tool helps you to check whether the status of a website is offline or online. Every single time your cyber surfer requests a website, status canons are returned, When commodity goes wrong your cyber surfer delivered some communication in your cyber surfer like" commodity isn’t right along with error law e.g. 404"

As a webmaster or SEO, you should regularly check the server status of your websites. The server status checker is accessible for free on Small SEO Tools, Run a free test for single or bulk URLs.

Bury up to 100 URLs in the test tool If you want to check the HTTP status canons that your cyber surfer doesn’t typically show you, the test tool will display the HTTP status law of every single website in a separate line, Each server status law has a different meaning

Check server status

It’s a good habit to keep checking the server status of your websites and hosting if you enjoy numerous websites. When you are unfit to connect to a specific website also you might need to check the website status to figure out the server status. This will enable you to check if the website is down or blocked by the server.

Still, this means the stoner won't be suitable to log on or browse your websites If the website is down. It'll result in loss of business, earning and ranking as well. It’s a critical issue and must be tracked precisely and regularly. This Check server Status tool will let you know if your server is active or down. In short, can also be nominated as website status checker. also, if you're trying to browse a website and the website isn't responding, there can be numerous reasons for that. One of the reason can be the down status of that server. In similar case, you won’t be suitable to browse that website. One of the other reasons can be the slow internet. So to check website server status in terms of HTTPS law you must try this tool and make your documentation.

Atmost of the hosting services providers claim99.99 uptime and try stylish to prove this claim but occasionally there come to the issues and the garçon may go down. Once the garçon is down, all of your websites associated and hosted on that garçon won't be accessible. The druggies trying to reach your website will be shown a specific error with a specific number which will be starting with five followed by two further integers.

There can be plenitude of specialized issues and problems which can affect in garçon down status. We do n’t need to dig out these specialized details if we're using the services of some hosting provider. It’s their concern to check and resolve the specialized problems. But this can be our concern if we're using our VPS or devoted or particular Web Garçon. What so ever, garçon down status prevents the druggies from penetrating your website and this can be critical for your business?

Problems ca n’t be stopped, but measures can be taken to reduce the loss and threat. The top- ranked hosting services providers take acceptable measures to reduce the threat of down garçon status in case of any breakdown. One of the tricks they play is the backup waiters which gets actuated as the main garçon goes down. When a stoner tries to connect the website during that time, they're diverted to the garçon to the backup garçon, and hence it takes a little redundant detention in penetrating the website.

You simply ca n’t estimate the time duration of the website down status because you ca n’t tell the exact issue that put the garçon down. Delay substantially depends upon the nature of the issue and the quality of measures taken by the hosting providers to stop and overcome similar issues. utmost egregious reasons are the power breakdown, inordinate business cargo or indeed a contagion or hacking attack. How important important firewall you install, the hackers will keep trying, and they will find a way to access ever. These are some of the reasons why people and webmasters prefer to buy good hosting from estimable hosting providers because they give them and their websites complete security.

You while standing at the stoner end ca n’t tell exactly what the problem is with your website if you ca n’t pierce it but you can guess the issue by using some tool or mileage like this garçon status checker tool on Hunt Machine Reports. This conjecture will predicate on the response from the garçon given to this Check Garçon Status tool. This response will be a brief report followed by a three- number law. This law can give your webmaster a good idea about the issue and issue can be resolved if it comes within their limits and authorities.

How To Use server Status Checker Testing Tool?

This handy and effective garçon status checker tool allows you to check the garçon status of unlimited websites. The garçon status of a particular point let webmaster to know if a website working OK , To use this testing tool read the instruction below,

Enter one URL per line in the textbook area that’s displayed.

Once you have entered the URLs which can be just one or any number up to hundred. Click on the ‘ Check Now ’ button.

The test will run and display the results. The possible status canons that will be displayed against each sphere name that you entered.

keep a regular check on the status of your website using garçon status checker and take immediate conduct every time your website goes down.