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Webmasters and SEOs know the IP address of their website and want to do so. You need to use domain-to-IP tool. There are several possible reasons for this investigation. A visitor to the site may call and complain about the unavailability of the site. If your website has a dynamic IP address, you need to make sure you link to your website.

Another reason is that SEO or webmasters may want to know a competitor's IP address. There is a lot of information that can be gathered by searching for a domain by IP address. For connections from standard domains to IP addresses, only the IP address is displayed. However, advanced searches show domain host server details. Also includes the date the domain was registered and hosted and the domain expiration date.

So a curious webmaster or SEO can get a lot of information about themselves or other websites after finding the IP address of the domain.

what are IP addresses

An IP address is an Internet address mapped to a domain and it is a unique address. An IP address is made up of four sections of numeric numbers, each section marked with a is divided by. For example, to 999,999999,999.99999 would be valid IP addresses. Each domain is assigned a unique IP address, and this is like having a unique residential postal address or business address.

How to find IP address of a website?

Go to Search and type the command to find the IP address on your computer. In the command prompt, enter the domain name. For example, enter The system displays the IP address of the domain. Then go to the site via a different route. After your ISP server receives your request and obtains the IP address of the domain you want to visit, it chooses a route based on several options.

It's like when we travel from point A to point B and we want to present multiple options. We choose the path that suits us. The Internet works the same way. However, this information will only reveal the IP address of the domain and its various paths. This command will not disclose information about the host server location or domain owner details.

Another way to find the IP address by entering the domain name is to use the "ping" command. Type ping domain name at the command prompt and it will reveal the IP address of the domain and send a data packet four times to the IP address and show the time in milliseconds to send the packet. Again, only the IP address is returned. The ping command is used by system administrators when they suspect their servers' response is slow.

Domain to IP tool

You can enter in the address bar of your computer's browser and the site will open; on the site, search for SEO tools and click on it. Scroll down the SEO tools icon until you come to the Domain to IP tool and click on it. Please enter the URL name and send. Note that the format for entering the URL is http: // domainname. Shows the domain name, IP address, hosting country, and web hosting service provider.

You can use this handy tool to get the IP address of a website and see the IP address of any website. This tool is free to use and can be used repeatedly. Every webmaster, site owner, and SEO will use this tool at some point.

Domain name server zones

Internet traffic and the number of websites have increased dramatically over the past decade and traffic management has not been easy. At any time, millions of users access Internet sites, whether to watch movies, play games, chat with friends, read news or blogs; There is constant traffic. Redirecting visitors to the websites you want to view requires proper controls and that's what domain name server zones provide.

For example, domains containing .com, .info on the same server group. This will slow down requests, so to avoid bottlenecks, they are placed on different servers. These zone servers are replicated to different locations. Simply put, .com servers will only provide IP address for domains containing .com, and another set will provide information for domains containing.

Without zones, it would be a virtual Internet management nightmare. All domain name servers have backup servers in virtually different locations