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What is internet connection

A reliable and fast work connection is the key to supporting your expected growth, increasing your productivity and improving customer service. Nobody also likes the live broadcast of their favorite show, interrupted by the bad internet.

It is not like your life and daily activities depend on it. For better or worse, times have changed! And now, from checking emails and exchanging goodies to updating the latest news and watching our favorite movies on Netflix, we almost exclusively on the Internet.

Today, almost all businesses on a fast and reliable Internet connection. A slow internet can be a curse that not only has a negative impact on employee performance, but can also hamper the path to timely and quality customer service.

Let's say you have a website. Disabling the site for maintenance purposes is common. Websites are often back in action before you know it. However, try going into resume mode with a bad internet connection, that's not good.

If you have never tried to use a broadband speed controller, you should try Internet Speed ​​now.

What is a good internet

What is the good speed of the internet? What is the speed of my internet? How fast is my internet? These are questions that often bother people who rely on the internet to have more fun. There are students who take online courses and exams, and there are companies that operate exclusively on the Internet.

If you're thinking about the "ideal" Internet speed you need to enjoy 24/7 access to the online world, the answer is simple: it depends. Yes, that is correct!

Your definition of "good" connection speed should depend entirely on what you do online. Just as you don't need a supercomputer to check your email, you don't need a super fast internet connection to perform basic tasks, such as checking and replying to emails. If your content is streaming in high definition or your business needs a 24/7 connection, then you need to invest in high speed internet.

The first step in upgrading your service is to take an online WiFi speed test. When you test the speed of the Internet, you get an idea of ​​what your current speed is and what speed you need, which simplifies the whole process. We recommend that you test your Internet speed before creating or changing a plan.

What your speed zone test says

The result returns three things:

Ping, Download, Upload, Jitter.

To get the most out of your Internet service, you need to know how to interpret and understand these results. Let's dive a little deeper:

Ping: Ping identifies the latency - your connection response time, which means how fast your response is after sending a request. Shows the time it takes for data to pass from a computer to a network or other computer, usually in milliseconds.
Download: Download speed indicates how easy it is to transfer files from the Internet to your computer or phone in Mbps. If you love streaming video, this is the most important thing.
Upload: Upload is the complete opposite of downloading. It tells you how easy it is to upload your internet content to the internet. It's as important as download speed, especially if you regularly use social media sites and applications to share pictures, videos, music, and more.

In short, it's a good idea to test your internet speed regularly to make sure your service providers give you what you pay for. Remember that our Internet Speed ​​Monitor provides accurate results to help you measure the bandwidth performance of your smartphone, tablet, desktop and other devices without having to download a beta speed test application.

Tips for quickly improving internet connection 

If you are tired of a slow internet connection and you are looking for ways to get better internet speed, the easiest way is to switch to another ISP (Internet Service Provider). Because if a regular online speed test gives you the same unsatisfactory results, you need to change service providers. Research and choose an ISP that provides faster services. 

Have you ever considered looking at your modem / router? Maybe your modem and / or router is outdated and what's worse? You have no idea. Sometimes this can ruin your internet connection. In this case, you will need to upgrade the settings.

If more than one user has access to your wireless router, you should try to limit the number of users. Too many users can even disrupt a fast broadband service, especially an internet connection.