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JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is named after the person who created the format. It is commonly used to take and store photos, in two different versions. One is known as the EXIF   / JPEG format, which is widely used in photography today, but more importantly, it uses the RAW version. If PDF is a doctype, you can save all kinds of formats, including audio and video.

If you need to compress a JPG file, try to avoid it, because after compression, the original image quality is lost forever due to its inertia. However, if you add a PDF image, the photo quality of the document will not be affected. PDF is a document type and lossless format that does not allow compression to affect the quality of its content.

PDF (Portable Document Type)

Is basically designed to transfer documents from one place to another. In the past, people sent files individually after compression, and this not only damaged the quality of the images, but sometimes it turned out that the photos were so blurred that it was difficult to identify the things that were on them.

PDF, on the other hand, is changing, or we should say, that the world has evolved because most secret documents in this format are provided by advanced encryption standards. Our image to PDF converter allows you to transfer all your data stored in photos to a portable style document for storage. Various formats are generally used to transfer photos, but PDF has free standards and does not require any special software as before. Every OS (operating system) now has a built-in PDF viewer, so you don't need to install any third-party applications to view the content.


JPG has been around for about thirty years and is now used to capture high quality photos from digital cameras and smartphone cameras. Because JPG does not achieve full image quality and is limited to 256 levels of brightness, professional photographers prefer the RAW format because they may exceed these limits. These RAW files also have a large file size that people don't like due to limited storage, and this format requires special software to open the image file. However, JPG can be opened on any multimedia device and has the following Benefits:

Controlled compression, which allows people to decide how much they want to affect the resolution of a photo. This is usually necessary when uploading photos to the web, as they all have the above mentioned size limit, and also to reduce the speed of the web loading. It is highly compatible with all devices and is therefore the most widely used format on the Internet. It is especially recommended when uploading photos to your site, as the size can be as short as a quarter of the original file size if properly compressed to the required dimensions.

It is the most commonly used format for capturing photos on a device due to low storage consumption. A number of images can be filled into any room, which is a wise idea to convert them to a PDF document using our online JPG to PDF conversion tool.

However, there are also many problems with this format, for example, if you compress the file too much, you will see blocks of pixels, so the whole image will be destroyed. It does not allow the image to have a transparent background, and the quality decreases each time the image is saved. This is where PDF starts, and you can convert

JPG to PDF for the following benefits:

It is a universal format and can be opened on any device, but if you want to transfer documents from a document, you absolutely need an extractor that is easy to use and free.

The level of security is very high; it is not possible to crack AES encryption. Because the encrypted file can only be accessed with the correct passcode, no one will be able to check the contents of the document.

All formats can be converted to this type of document and can also be grouped to create a different composition to make it more readable. Web links can also be embedded in the form of anchor tags, and the format in which you save the document will always remain the same unless you choose to edit it.

It contains material that you can easily find after arranging the content. People now use this format to store multiple pages because they can't automatically change their location.

Companies use it for presentations and use this digital format for electronic contract signing. The information stays between the two suppliers unless they want to share it with one.