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JS Formatter is an online web-based tool that helps format JavaScript data.

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What is JS format?

As you now know, this is a data exchange format that can be called an alternative to XML, but XML is a markup language, while JS is object notation. When it comes to data exchange, both languages ​​work the same, but JS is lightweight, which is one of the many reasons why it is preferred.

The JS format is easy to understand because it consists of various elements, which are objects, the values ​​of these objects, arrays, and logical values. You can find an example of our tool that makes it easier to understand if you are new and want to try this format.

Objects are enclosed in curly braces and written in key / value pairs, where the value can be a string, an array, an array in a field, Boolean values, or a number. A colon separates the key and value, and a comma separates the key / value pair. This will help you better understand the example contained in the JS format; the object value can be accessed using dot notation and parentheses.

Why should we use JS?

You may have an idea that it is often difficult to manage programming code because of its size. JS code is considered the best alternative to XML because this format has some features and grammar. Another important reason for using the JS file format is that it is easy to edit and lighter compared to other programming formats. On the other hand, if you want to edit JS code directly, you need to use our great and free JS online editor.

In addition, the syntax of JS is simple, making it available and preferred by most programmers. Our JS syntax formatter provides you with the most user-friendly interface for easy JS code formatting. 

Rules using the JS format

 As you can understand, objects are a collection of different names as values, and fields are an ordered list of those values ​​as names.

There are certain rules to follow when working with JS code, and ignoring these rules can lead to errors.

You can insert objects and arrays into JS.

It is important to write object properties in duplicate quotation marks.

You cannot enter a hexadecimal or octal numeric value, only the decimal number format is used in JS. A value of zero is also considered a valid value in JS. You can use our free online JS validator to check JS validity.

Field tracking in fields is not allowed.

What you can formatter

JS is the best format for storing and exchanging information on the web. As we all know, JS is a text format that is easy for people to understand and has a much faster syntax than most data exchange formats. The JavaScript object can be easily converted to JS and uploaded to the server.

This JS syntax format allows you to read JS and detect errors in your data. You can use this online JS formatter to find errors in your JS that can be easily resolved in seconds. Most programmers use JS instead of XML to exchange data between the server and web applications. This unique online JS formatter will not only help you format JS, but will also help you verify your data. Our great JS formatter also gives you the ability to view your JS code without having to install any special software on your device. You can also use our free and unique tool called JS Browser.

Our JS code formatter automatically loads your data into a tree view for you to present. You also don't have to install the application on your device to check the JS format. You can also shrink your JS and reduce the file size by squeezing JS data, which can be changed at any time in the view tree without any problems.

Our tool works on all devices

This online JSON formatter is completely web-based and allows you to use this online tool from the office, home or anywhere. You do not need to install or download software or use any specific device to format JS online.

You can easily use this online JS formatter from an Android, MAC or PC device. In addition, our efficient JSON format will work equally well on all operating systems, whether you use iOS, Android or Windows. There is also no restriction on using a particular web browser to use this tool to format JSON online. Our efficient online formatter works well in all browsers.

So you no longer have to worry about JS formatting, because you can use this unique online JS formatter without paying a single cent anywhere, anytime.