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Password encryption tool

Are you interested in the security of your password? Do you need something special for stress-free protection of your credit cards and social security accounts? Are you planning to create a secure table to protect your password? Stop your plans and try our password encryption tool.

This is a free symmetric encryption tool. You can use this tool to prevent dangerous hacker attacks to protect your site. Encryption is an effective method to achieve the highest level of data security. You cannot read an encrypted file without having access to a secret password or key to decrypt it. Encrypted data as numeric text.

Unencrypted data instead of plain text

All modern web applications need to encrypt their users' passwords. Your users' passwords must be stored in encrypted format.

Data repositories are insecure because hackers always try to steal data from your visitors. Most importantly, users' passwords are their sensitive data. These are unique keys to maintaining their privacy. No one (not even the site owner) has the right to these passwords.

If you want to maintain long-term relationships with your customers and gain their trust, you must respect their privacy. Achieving data security with an encryption tool can save you a variety of problems. This tool is able to encrypt your string or password using the best algorithms.

There are currently two types:

Symmetric key encryption:

The decryption and encryption keys are identical.

Public Key Encryption:

Introduced in 1973. In this way, anyone has access to the encryption key, but only the receiving party has access to the decryption key.

Change security - Encrypt password

Do you want to hide your global credit card, account number and social security number? It is not possible to remember different passwords. Entering a password is not secure because anyone can read it. Password encryption is the only solution to keep it secure. Instead of compromising security, make sure you use our password encryption tools.

Once your password has been encrypted, you can always use it without worrying about security. You can understand encryption with an interesting mathematical example.

7 9 2 6 3 4 7 0

You can encode these digits in ABC by selecting the same number in ABC, such as 0 = A, 7 = H, 4 = E, and so on. This encryption method is simple because this tool uses an advanced algorithm to encrypt your password.

If you require an additional level of security, you will be advised to use a password encryption tool. Every website and database owner needs this technology to protect their visitors' sensitive information from hackers. An effective technique is also to create a strong password using a password generator.

What you get with encrypted password security

You can use password encryption to prevent dangerous attacks, such as brute force attacks, birthday attacks, and dictionary attacks.

Brute force attacks are usually associated with a user password. Attackers try to obtain users' passwords by creating complete passwords. Dictionary attacks are performed on the user database or password. The attackers will try to compare the password gesture with possible password lifts. Accidental salt can reduce the level of risk.

Birthday attacks are performed on user passwords in the database. They tried to take advantage of a birthday paradox with multiple sets of passwords. Accidental salt can weaken these attacks.

Bonus tips for creating a strong password

Try to create a long, unnecessary sentence. A difficult password is hard to break. It takes two minutes to crack a three-digit password. Here are some key elements of a strong password:

Combine different words, characters and symbols to create a password.

Of course, avoid personal names, birthdays and surnames.

Avoid reusing passwords.

Use an encryption tool to encrypt the password

The password encryption tool makes the password unreadable with other parts of the keys or secret data. An encrypted password can be reversed with knowledge of the same key. The password hashing method is different from encryption. The hashing method is similar to a meat grinder without a single key. After grinding the cow, you can no longer return it to its original state. Anyone can discard your password.

You should also check the strength of your password. We also provide a password management tool, if anyone is worried about "how secure my password is", use this tool, check the strength of your password, create a stronger password and then encrypt it and you can be one step ahead of hackers.

Password encryption, on the other hand, means locking a cow in a secure stable. Anyone can use computer cryptographic hash functions. Password hashing is a one-way way to secure. Take advantage of a two-way route with this tool.