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Identify your products using the QR Code Generator

The last code used to identify products by dimensional barcode is the QR code. QR stands for Quick Response Code and replaces Universal Product Code. E-commerce websites must accept a QR code to identify the product. This is relatively inexpensive because the QR code generator is now available on many sites on the Internet.

The QR code is a barcode that was first used by the Japanese automotive industry. It is a two-dimensional barcode that uses four standardized encoding mechanisms: numeric, alphanumeric, binary / byte.

What is a QR code

You may have recently seen a square with funny black square pictures on a white background of some products, similar to the picture below.

It looks like a QR code. The reason for the growing popularity of QR codes is that they do not require an optical barcode reader like traditional barcode readers. Also, its storage capacity is greater than that of a dimensional barcode. The image can be captured by a camera and decoded. In today's world, almost every mobile phone has a camera function. To capture an image in a QR code, just take a picture and decode it. Some mobile phones have an application for reading the QR code. They can also be scanned digitally.

In 1994, Denso Wave introduced the QR code system. The primary goal is to track cars at different stages of production. Today, it is used in the broader context of commercial and easy-to-track applications. The QR code consists of black squares in a square grid on a white background. The required data is encoded vertically and horizontally in squares. You will probably see an extension of the use of QR codes soon. Magazines can contain ads or you can see someone wearing a shirt with them. When you get a QR code image on your mobile phone, you can get advertising details or personal information about the person who has the QR code. QR codes can be used to store geographic locations, business information, and many other information useful for marketing and research.

How phones read QR codes

The reason for the growing popularity of QR codes is that you do not have to carry a large optical reader. Just take a picture of the QR code on your mobile phone using your phone's camera. All you need is a QR code reader application that takes at least a minute to download and install on your mobile phone. Then any image with a QR code that you record through the camera of a mobile phone can be processed and read in English.

How to use QR codes for your business

There are many ways a QR code can be used. Personal contact numbers can be encrypted using a QR code, from issuing and redeeming coupons to storing product and company information.

They can be used in commercials, TV commercials and invitations with:

Product details

Contact information

Offer details

Event details

League details


Twitter, Facebook, My Space ID

Link to your YouTube video

You can use a QR code generator with a logo for your business card, as there are many free QR code generators with image applications available on the Internet.