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Computers can interpret instructions in only one language, which is a binary language or binary number system. English is the standard language that people use to communicate with each other. Unfortunately, the same language cannot be used when sending instructions to computers. You will need to convert the text to binary strings to pass instructions to computers and other digital devices.

In addition, manually converting text to binary takes a lot of time and also has a high probability of inaccuracy. However, you can perform this task in seconds using a text-to-binary converter. The binary letter converter processes each letter of text and then converts it to binary code. Usually this adds a space between every eight bits for better readability.

Steps to using text in a binary converter

You can use our binary text converter by following these steps:

Enter or paste text in the required field.

Click the "Convert to Binary" button.

The tool will process the conversion and you will get the binary code in a few seconds.

You can copy the output to the clipboard or download it as a .txt file to your device.

Binary translates text functions

Some of the key features that make our English binary translator the best choice for users include the following:

User friendly interface

This English-to-binary web translator provides an easy-to-use conversation management interface. No special skills are required to use this online tool.

Fast conversion

When the conversion from English to binary code is completed, the results are immediately displayed on the screen. You don't have to wait long for the transfer to complete.


No matter how long your text is, our binary word converter will give you 100% accurate results. Once you enter the text and click the convert button, the tool will generate the appropriate binary code and display it on your device screen.

Possibility of exchange

This online tool also has an exchange button for exchanging conversations. You can quickly change your code from binary to text by clicking the button.

No installation required

You do not need to install any software or plug-in on your device to use English-to-binary translation. All you need to use this feature is an internet connection and a good browser.

Binary codes used

Binary code is widely used in this technological world. The binary code consists of two digits "0" and "1", where 0 means off and 1 means instruction. Some of the most important uses of binary code are:

Computer technology: Binary codes are used in computer systems to interpret programming and coding methods. The information goes through coding processes and is stored in fractions 0 and 1.

Image encoding: An image usually consists of hundreds of pixels. Binary code is used to encode each pixel in the image.

Logic Gateway: Binary code is also used in mathematics, where true and false values ​​are represented by 0s and 1s.

How to convert text to a binary code manual?

There are two ways to translate text into binary code. The first is online conversion, which involves several steps to get accurate results, and the second is manual conversion, which can be complicated as the length of your text increases. Convert letters to binary using the following manual steps and find out how complicated it is to convert an English letter.

First you need to convert the text to ASCII values. Each character is assigned an individual ASCII value, which you can specify using text in the ASCII conversion table. For example, the lowercase "h" has an ASCII value of 104.

The next step is to convert the decimal system to binary. If you convert the letter "h" to binary, it means that the decimal value "104" must be converted to a decimal conversion formula to binary. 

Similarly, you must constantly change each letter in the text to find the correct binary strings.