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The twitter card generator

In today's World Wide Web, social media has become part of the lives of people living in this world. Social networks have become addictive and many people rely on them. Facebook and Twitter are the most recognized social media forums, followed by Instagram and more.

Facebook is launching a Meta tag for the website to get more traffic through the Facebook page. Likewise, Twitter is now launching a Twitter card. You can use the Twitter card generator to get a Twitter card.

With the Twitter tab, you can include a summary of content, photos, videos, and media in Tweets. Visitors to your site will add a Twitter card to their tweets, which their followers will then see. This in turn means for the site owner that a lot of traffic will be generated on the site.

What is Twitter card?

People who saw Twitter's popularity began to use it to grow their business. People responded to tweets about vacancies and found work. Hobbyists meet and exchange information about their hobby on Twitter. E-commerce people were thrilled when Twitter announced that they were announcing a game and analyzing analytics for Twitter maps. This new feature allows users to add images, videos and product descriptions to their tweets. This means, for example, that a T-shirt ad allows the seller to add a product image to a tweet.

Following the distribution of tweet cards, surveys have shown that viewers' reactions to tweets have increased by more than 30%. Now, e-commerce companies can promote their best-selling products through tweets and expect them to get a better response. The dynamics of advertising and sales have changed since the advent of smartphones and social networks. Social networking sites have become a place for companies to advertise products. People look at the ad and if they like what they see and the price is right, they buy it there. Televisions, newspapers or billboards will no longer attract buyers of their products on social networks, especially if there are good reviews from legitimate sources that sell the products. In addition, the cost of advertising products on social networks is small compared to running a television advertising campaign or any other medium.

Different types of TWITTER cards

Twitter offers four different types of Twitter cards that will bring customers to your site.

The basic types of Twitter cards are:

Summary card

Summary card with big picture

Application card

Player card

The summary card has a name, description, and thumbnail.

The summary tab with the large image has a title, a description, and a prominent image.

The App Card allows direct download of the mobile application.

The player card can provide audio and video media. Getting started and implementing Twitter maps is much easier. Card production must take less than 15 minutes, obtain permission if it is a player's card, and use it. Which means the marketer needs 15 minutes or less to advertise a Twitter product with millions of members.

No company can imagine addressing such a wide audience with a little effort. This is why many department stores use Twitter cards to promote their business products.

How to use TWITTER cards
To use Twitter cards to grow your business, you need to do so in two steps.

You must first create meta tags for the Twitter map you want to create. Once you've done that, you'll need to enter it on your site's home page and approve it on Twitter. To create meta tags for Twitter cards, you need to know the HTML code you want to write and paste into the code on your site, or you can use the Twitter card generator. You also need to know the size of the Twitter image you want to create. To use the Twitter card generator, you can simply copy / paste Twitter-card-generator into your browser's address bar. Enter the required fields and the application will generate a code that you must copy into the code on your website. Select the type of card you want to create. Enter your website or username and description and your country. The application generates code. You can copy this code to your website and create a Twitter card. You can check the Twitter card and make code changes if the card doesn't work.

You need to be careful when creating Twitter card meta tags for video tag cards. Video display size must be within the limits described on Twitter.