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The main purpose of website URL openers is to open all pages in one browser, but in several tabs.

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Enter the URL's in the text box and click "URL Opener" button.

Each URL must be in separate line Sample


What is our opener

If you are involved in SEO, you need to stick to multiple websites for content purposes and know about the reliability of the material. The main purpose of most website openers is to open all pages in one browser, but in several tabs.

This will help not only people who cover the citation section for SEO reasons, but also people who write content for different sites.

That are a way to add business information to various websites that have business directories or in other words, they are business queries. When you publish a business to these ranked sites, google quickly index the information and display results in nearby "business fields" that appear results on page. 

There are hundreds of business directories on the Internet and SEO people use this technique to open their already saved URLs on the page. This way, they can easily add business information, verify it, and go to the next page.

How to use URL opener
  • Firstly add URL in text box
  • Web URL Opener ads make it easier for them because they no longer have to type or copy / paste each URL individually into the file's address bar.
  • And get the results
How URL plays an important role

A URL (Uniform Resource Link) is the address of a World Wide Web (WWW), in other words, you can say that it is the address of content on the Internet. Everyone can have a URL for business or other purposes.

This is important for the web, and without you you can't learn about the services you offer, because it's the most important condition for visibility in the wider world of the internet.

A website can have multiple URLs; one can be for the contact page, the home page and the other for the main content of the page. You can usually get your own URL for a social site when you create a profile, this profile has many advantages followed by some disadvantages.

Social sites can also provide you with your business URL, where you can add items or services offered to your original site.

The Internet is designed to disseminate information. These facts and figures can fill in the missing data or you can solve various mysteries. It was also created to keep people entertained, and in this revolutionary world, the global database will continue to add more knowledge.

How to open multiple URL 

The multi-link opener is useful when you're working optimization. In this expanding world of SEO, the growing demand for open URLs is growing every day. Many URL opening tools can increase the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks by opening all the URLs stored in your text editor at once.

Follow these simple steps to open many URL

When the page reaches multiple web page openers, a text box will appear with enough space to enter multiple URLs. The URL is shown in the figure below. You can add empty URLs on a separate line or use a comma to open a list of URLs. You must copy the URLs of the saved file and paste them into this field and click the "Edit" button. You will notice that new tabs open in your browser, and these tabs are all the links you provide to the tool.