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Short URLs get a lot of attention and more than fifty percent of people trust them, while long URLs with many special characters aren't fun because of their ugly appearance. After opening short URLs, they are undoubtedly redirected to the long URL, but no one, other than finding the domain name, actually checks the entire address bar. You can use our URL shortener to provide a short link to your website with a short version that can be placed on the Internet for promotional purposes.

The links break when you try to send them through an instant messaging service because many chat machines still have a limited number of characters and do not send suspicious messages due to multiple characters in a terrifying order. Our custom URL shortener allows you to give these long URLs a short form that can be shared on various social media platforms for marketing purposes. Social sites often take the original snapshot of the page after the URL so that it can be clicked and made more reliable.

With our small URL change tool, you can create as many short links as you want. Promote all your sites with our tool support without showing people long weird URLs. There are no conditions or hidden costs, and the strangest thing is that you don't have to register. However, it's up to you whether you want to receive updates about future updates to our site and blog.

How to use short URL generator  

The most common method used to share a link on a webpage (which no one wants to click after finding an association with unusual characters) is to support a URL truncation tool. Allows you to create a short URL with a badly shaped link.

On most websites, these links are not considered important because many sites abuse this method of promoting malicious material. It is easier for regular Internet users to learn about URLs in a shorter section. However, people who are new to this world, or Internet users who only use social platforms, are never aware of this situation. These people are easily influenced, and people on these networks can easily access their personal information without doing anything.

There are two types of short URLs: one is used to link to permanent links and the other is temporary, there are very few websites that use permanent redirects. This is because their site is well-rated, and if the brand shares a short social service URL, people who are interested in the product will open the URL without hesitation. However, newly developed sites are unreliable and must use various methods to promote their brand before using this channel. However, they can use a temporary short version of the URL and share it with friends.

Select the appropriate domain name and create a short URL

A domain that is relevant to material on the web helps people and search understand its content. If the site name is not related to the material it contains, it can be confusing. Therefore, your site will not appear in the SERPS (search engine page). If you plan to do this through organic SEO, you need to add a lot of taste to your fight, because it is a free method and requires a lot of time and patience.

This technique:
 It will not affect your current SEO efforts

Your original version of the site will stay where it is, along with all the optimization methods you use. This is a simple redirect method that masks your website and doesn't allow people to know the real URL unless they open it.

Does not give you a permanent URL

This is a better option because temporary URLs expire after a period of time, and their purpose applies when you share them. On the other hand, persistent URLs use well-known tags and are therefore not a practical option for sites that have only recently competed. - Your long URL has been changed to a less readable form

Change the structure of the URL to make it more reliable and understandable. Fifty percent of people on the Internet avoid clicking on long URLs because they look like spam.

Available in the Marketing Scheme

Share the shortcut with different networks, become part of your marketing tactics. Because most social sites now check for viruses before allowing link sharing, which increases credibility.

There is another reason to avoid short persistent URLs. If the service you provide with a persistent URL takes less than a day, it will have a huge negative impact on your site traffic. The link will be broken and all your efforts to share this URL on the Internet will disappear immediately. For this important reason, it's important to use our own URL shortener to create small links in a short amount of time for sharing.

You can start by adding your main keyword to your domain name to make your SEO the starting point. The rest depends on your keyword choices, because the longer your keywords use, the better. Do not include more than two to three percent of keywords across the site.

This is the percentage recommended by webmasters because many websites are penalized for too many keywords in their content. However, you can sort faster, but if Google knows about your black hat technique, you can't escape sanctions.