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Find out why you can't catch up with your competitors. Check what you are missing from your site by linking to our competitor's site using our snooper tool.

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What is Website Page Snooper

Each Snooper website displays the source code of the website with colored markers. For example, website-page-snooper blue to identify HTML tags, red to identify parameters, and green for values.

Is Snooper Website A Useful Tool?

Used properly, web snooper can be a useful tool in your SEO tool. When choosing which snooper site to use, make sure you choose the right one. If a snooping on a web page displays HTML code without a color code, it is very confusing and difficult to use.

First, use the snooper website on your website. Study the web and you may find small pieces of code that are missing from your site. Install it and you will see the results. For example, you don't have to qualify your links or link to the right websites, and Google won't index them. Or there are some issues with your internal links. or you'll see a new HTML trick you've included in your code.

Once you change the HTML, you'll see the changes as Google continues to take a new snapshot of the page. You'll see the impact, and hopefully improve your site's rankings.

How to view the source code on Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome; go to the webpage you want to view. Click the personalization and check mark icon in the upper right corner of the browser window, select "More" from the drop-down menu, then select Development Tool. You can also press Ctrl + O to go to the page you want to open. Select the page and click Open.

After entering the URL, the entire HTML source code of the webpage will be displayed. Nowadays, it can be difficult to understand and follow. So it is better to open an individual website; check its source code; note the main points. You can also use the online WYSIWYG HTML editor if you want to copy the code from the HTML source code.

When should you use the snooper website

Why would you need to create a snooper ? There are many reasons for this; You've already done all the site analytics tests on your competitors, and you still don't know why their sites are ranked better than yours.

There are so many options now; Hope your competitors make a fatal mistake and their site crashes or they lose business, or you update your site and other information about them. If you decide to update your site, which is a wise decision, you can check a competitor's HTML site to see if it uses tricks that are missing from your site.

To do this, you must have knowledge of HTML. If you don't know the language, you'll see pages and pages with code and you won't understand it. So ask SEO or someone who knows this language to check the code with you. No matter which webpage you visit, when you right-click and select "View Source", the page's HTML source code is displayed. If you want to learn HTML, you can download examples of HTML web pages using the source code. Here you can learn about HTML and how to set up a source code command and how it is used on a website.

The importance of checking the HTML code with this Snooper site

This web snooper is useful if one of your sites doesn't work. You can use this tool to view the HTML source code to identify errors and help you fix them.

If your site is new, you can start checking it from above, which also means that you should first look at the online source page for the home page. You can then continue scanning the other pages individually and examine the HTML code in depth. This way, you can easily compare it to the source code of another site.

This online HTML browser only displays the source code; You can make changes to your website, but not to the HTML of another website, because the source code of each website is protected.

Once you've got the HTML on your site, you can analyze it and identify errors, as well as code that needs to be modified to make your site competitive.

If you're a webmaster, you can make the necessary changes to your site's source code and then update it to see your site's performance impact. This snooper website also shows you the HTML code used by your competitors, so you can get inspiration and better ideas to help you optimize your site. This tool provides fast and reliable results if you want to verify the origin of a web page.

Protect your online privacy

Some governments allow agencies to snoop on websites and find out what they are. Governments want to stop bad publicity and end the opposition. Wiki leaks have caused a huge problem and put the US government in a bad position. All their secret communication is revealed to the world. The internal and external reputation was severely damaged there.

Likewise, people want to maintain their privacy online. This social media problem in particular has such a huge impact on the way people communicate with each other. A simple but controversial solution is to use a virtual private network. All your traffic is sent over a VPN, which can delay your access to the site. However, VPN is controversial.